EMA 2016 Album of the Year Submissions

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Alfie Zappacosta - NO AVOIDING CLICHES
Ariana Brophy - Ink and Water
Arkavello     - Songs from the Future
Bdice - Inertia
Bobby Cameron - Comfort Zone
Boosh & the Dip - River City Riot, Part 1
Boots & The Hoofs    - Too Hot To Hoot
Captain Tractor - Captain Tractor Live at the Roxy
Carrie Day - Chasing Rainbows
Choir And Marching Band - So Duh Pop!
Colleen Rae - Look At Her Go'
Concealer - fêted:fetid
Darryl Matthews - Tales of the Wood
Doug Hoyer - Dream Life
Electric Religious - Yeah, Yeah, No
Electricity for Everybody! - Local Technique
ENDIVERA - Shameless
Eternal Prophecy - Self-Titled
Face First - Righteous
Faith Healer - Cosmic Troubles
Flow My Tears     - II
Heaviside     - Omnivore
iVardensphere     - Fable
Jesse Werkman - All You've Lost
Jodie Leslie - Born For The Unknown
Jonathan Kawchuk    - North
Justine Vandergrift     - Sailor
Kevin Maimann - Kevin Maimann and the Pretty Things
Kimberley MacGregor - I Am My Own
King of Foxes - Golden Armour
Landry - Newly Found
Life In A Coma - Obscures
Lucas Chaisson - Telling Time
Lyra Brown - The Language of Eyes
Marc Beaudin    - JAZZ CAFE DE CUBA
Marco Corbo - Love on the Radio
Mayday and the Beatcreeps    - Mayday and the Beatcreeps
Mike Nash - Hard Stuff Radio
Mohsin Zaman     - Waking Up
Nucularboy - Part One
Post Script - If Not For You
Rebecca Lappa - Tattered Rose
Reindeer    - City Of Garden
Rellik - The Dream
Reuben Anderson - From Deepest Depths To Highest Heights
Revenge of the Trees - Into the Night
Revolution Engine - Lower Your Weapons
Robin Menuett Trio - St. Pierre's Place
Rooster Davis Group - For Saints and Sinners
Scott Cook and the Long Weekends - Go Long
Sentimental Gentlemen    - The Devil's in the Details
sirch. - Sounds of Mutehead
Sister Gray - Burn This Disco
Spekters    - Up Outta Dodge
Stereo Villain - Blood & Soul
Tamara Boyes     - Christmas Snow
TAT    - myfriendscallmeTAT
The Dabs     - The Dabs
the fuzz kings    - your kids are gonna love it
The Gear Seabastian - Hopeful Horizon 

The Hearts - Equal Love
The Metronomad - Opening Doors
The Misery Mountain Boys - Long Gone Cat Daddy
The Order of Chaos - Apocalypse Moon
The Provincial Archive - The Provincial Archive

The Sandinistas - Greetings From the Sandinistas
The Velveteins - A Hot Second With The Velveteins
ThinLine Sid - Soft Machine
Tim Isberg - Tears Along The Road
Titanium Tunnels - Eternal Sunshine and the 8-bit dream
Tom Olsen and the Wreckage - Subtle as A Hurricane
Tyler Vollrath - Coast to Coast
Tylor Dory Trio - Carried Away
Tzadeka - Beats and Bass are the Basis of my Thesis
Vanity Red - Gasoline
Waves Upon Us - Calamity & Rebirth
White Lightning - 1979 EP
Wilfred Kozub     - What's Gonna Become of Us
Yikes - In Space

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