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The Edmonton Music Awards main focus is the celebration and creation of opportunities to showcase and promote Edmonton artists and music. As an involved member of our industry, the Edmonton Music Awards needs your participation to properly identify, reward, and promote the achievements of Edmonton artists.

The Canadian music industry continues to be shaped and influenced by the level of enthusiasm invested by those who participate in it. The Edmonton Music Awards relies on the active participation of industry professionals like you to uphold the fundamental EMA process; created specifically and solely to enhance our music industry through an annual event to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Edmonton musicians.

The primary reason to be part of the EARS Committee is to receive Edmonton Music Awards voting privileges. EARS members are eligible to vote in 24 different categories. Voting is such an important part of the whole awards process we feel that every person involved in the Edmonton music community should be participating to ensure a truly industry driven voting process.

You must be actively working in the Canadian music industry to qualify for membership.

The key benefits are to:
  •  Vote and participate in the Edmonton Music Awards process.
  •  Access to the EARS Members page, where you can stream a wide variety of music from Edmonton Artist before making your selection.
  •  Knowing you are providing ongoing support to the Edmonton Music Community.

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2017 Membership and Donation.
Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated. The success and strength of our initiatives are dependent on your help.

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