100 mile house - Hiraeth

All Else Fails - Antimartyr

Andrea Nixon - Innerglow

Ann Vriend - Will You Be There

Archaics - Not for Nothing 

Arlo Maverick - Too Many Toos

Basler - Luckiest Guy

Billie Zizi - Moon of Honey

Black Friday - Suffering In Stereo 

Brother Octopus - Rebels

Bryan Finlay - Legends

Cadillac Junkies - Better Off Alone

Counterfeit Jeans - Sleep

Cynthia Harmer - Simple & Sacred

Dan Davidson - Barn Burner

Dan Davidson - Found

Diamond Mind - Horseless Coach

Forester - Vanity

Jesse and the Dandelions - No Fun

Jesse Werkman - All You've Lost

Juliet Ruin - Rogue Down

K-Riz - Levitate

Kristen McArthur - Forget

Lia Cole - You Lost Me

Mallory Chipman - Starstruck

Marissa K - Hush

Martin Kerr - The Update



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My Sister Ocean - Waiting For You

Norell - Overgrown

Nuela Charles - Crumbling Down

Our Good Wolf - Rider

Punch Drunk Cabaret - Beard of Bees

Rachel Woznow - Firestorm

Rebecca Lappa - Crockpot Girl

Rebecca Lappa - Love in a Killing

Rellik - The Hour (Mama's Song) 

Roger West - Turn Me On

Sam Lundell - Everything

Savage Playground - Could've Been Me

Scenic Route to Alaska - Love Keeps

Seeka Reid - Commotion

Shay Esposito - How Does It Feel

Short of Able - Broadway

Soap Box Duo - Complexion

Something Mechanical - Darkness

Striker - Phoenix Lights

The Red Cannons - Always Something

The Young - Living the Dream

Vibes - Tom Thompson

Tropic Harbour - Pastel

We Were Friends - Down on Me

White Lightning - Follow Your Heart

Young Medicine - Take My Hand



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