Abiogenesis - Voices In Kisama 

Andrea Nixon - You Didn't Make Me

Arlo Maverick - More

BDice - Last Place

Black Friday - Never Forgotten

Brother Octopus - Honey

Brothers Grim - Green Trees 2 Middle Fingers ft Koncept Tha Truth 

Chimera - Lion 

Chimera - Deanna 

Choir and Marching Band - Bachelor

Concealer - Place to Hide

Counterfeit Jeans - Nothing

Death Toll Rising - Scorched Earth Policy

Dirt Road Angels - Paint The Town Red

Dirt Road Angels - Back Around The Mountain

Dolly Rotten - Coming For You

Dusty Tucker - Gettin' Goonied

Electricity for Everybody! - Age of Scars

Evrlove Blake - Arturo Fuente

Evrlove Blake - El Mundo

Evrlove Blake - Thou Romeo

Faith Healer - Canonized

Flow My Tears - Talk

Jack Fire - What She Want

Jets to Theory - Redemption

Jr. Gone Wild - Barricades

Kevin Maimann & The Pretty Things - Not For Me

Kimberley MacGregor - Nicer, Gentler

Landry - Our Condition

Lexi Strate - Antidote

Life In A Coma - Harlequin

Lyra Brown - Cheek & Bruise

Matt Machete - Deaf, Blind and Drunk 

Pizzarrhea! - Pork Benedict III (The Last Grilled Pope-wich) 

Raygun Cowboys - Heads Are Gonna Roll

Real Sickies - Life Line

Rebecca Lappa - Tastes This Good

Rellik - My Voice

Savage Playground - Infatuation

Seeka Reid - Real Thing

Sentimental Gentlemen - Kickin' Stones

Silence the Machine - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

SISTER GRAY - Burn This Disco

Striker - Second Attack

TERRIAN - Oblivion

The Dabs - Eyes of Lyzza 

The Gear Seabastian - Dusk

The Metronomad - Push On

The Metronomad - Dear Listener

The Order Of Chaos - Apocalypse Moon 

The Royal Foundry - Running Away

Titanium Tunnels - I Have Found Darth Vader

Van Halst - Save Me

Vera - Eleanor Rigby (Cover)

We Used To Be Friends - Bored in Heaven 

White Lightning - One Last Time

Wilfred Kozub - The Weather

Yikes - I Bet Your Dad Hates You

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