The vision of the Edmonton Music Awards is to acknowledge, celebrate, and promote Edmonton music and musicians in all forms. Now in its 4th year, the Edmonton Music Awards is once again extremely excited to announce the name of the recipient of the Edmonton Music Legacy Award. The Edmonton Music Legacy Award acknowledges the actions, activities, dedication and overall positive impact an individual or group has had on the growth and development of the Edmonton and area music community.

The Edmonton Music Awards are proud to recognize Bill Kennedy as the recipient of the 2014 Edmonton Music Legacy Award.

"Bill Kennedy's sense of what rocked and what didn't was uncompromising!" This is what Trevor Hurst from Econoline Crush and many others who worked with the late Bill Kennedy felt about one of Edmonton's finest recording engineers.

As a sound engineer and mixer, the Edmonton native was one of the most sought-after engineers in Los Angeles, working on tracks and albums by artists like Motley Crue, Filter, U2, David Bowie, Placido Domingo, KISS, Marilyn Manson, Rod Stewart, Heart and even jazz greats Stan Getz and Herb Albert.

Most people don't even know about his involvement and contributions to the Grammy Award winning release "Broken" by Nine Inch Nails, thanks to Trent Reznor playing a little joke and crediting Bill Kennedy as The Kill Bennedy in the album credits. "My friends didn't believe I worked on it" Kennedy told Sandra Sperounes in an interview with the Edmonton Journal in 2006 after moving back to Edmonton.

Along with having an amazing ear for music, Kennedy also had a gnarly voice, which he used to share his experiences and stories with a variety of Edmonton artists. Working with local artists at both Powersound Studios, Beta Sound Studios and The Radar Station, Kennedy was always open to talk to new artists looking to learn more about the industry. Never holding back, Kennedy shared what he had learnt from working with some of the biggest artists in the world in one of the craziest industries on the planet.

For his success as a sound engineer and mixer and for taking the opportunity to pass the torch on to the next generation of local musicians and producers when he moved back to Edmonton, the Edmonton Music Awards is acknowledging Bill Kennedy with the 2014 Edmonton Music Legacy Award. 

A tribute to Bill Kennedy, one of the most powerful recording engineers of his time. Rest in peace, brother. The video was produced as part of the presentation, posthumously awarding Bill the Legacy Award at the 2014 Edmonton Music Awards for his accomplishments in the music industry.