The 2016 Edmonton Music Awards Nominees

Album of the Year
Faith Healer – Cosmic Troubles
Lucas Chaisson – Telling Time
The Hearts – Equal Love
The Provincial Archive – The Provincial Archive
The Velveteins – A Hot Second With The Velveteins

Single of the Year
Billie Zizi – I Love You
Faith Healer - Canonized
Post Script – Dear Marie
The Provincial Archive – Bad Connection
The Royal Foundry – Running Away

Group of the Year
Captain Tractor
Faith Healer
The Provincial Archive
The Royal Foundry
The Velveteins

Female Artist of the Year
Ariana Brophy – Ink And Water
Billie Zizi – I Love You
Colleen Rae - Quickest Heart in Town
Kimberley MacGregor - Nicer, Gentler
Lyra Brown – Cheek & Bruise

Male Artist of the Year
Dan Davidson – Unkiss Her
Ken Stead – Oh Carolina
Lucas Chaisson – Start A Fire
Mohsin Zaman - Ivy
Scott Cook – The Long Weekends Theme

Pop Recording of the Year
Bryan Finlay - RICH
Doug Hoyer – Get It Right
Lyra Brown – Cheek & Bruise
The Velveteins – Shimmy Shake
White Lightning – One Last Time

Rap/Hip Hop Recording of the Year
Arlo Maverick – More ft. Oozeela
Brothers Grimm ft Neph – Unleash The Dragon
Boosh & The Dip – Losing My Head
Mitchell Lawler & Conch – Open and Close
Rellik ft. Gregos – My Voice (United Way)

Country Recording of the Year
Colleen Rae –Quickest Heart in Town
Dan Davidson – Unkiss Her
Dirt Road Angels – Back Around the Mountain
Lucas Chaisson – Start a Fire
Olivia Rose – MakeUp to Mud

Metal Recording of the Year
Face First - Killing Me
Monarch Sky - Hell's A Little Closer
Striker – Too Late
The Order of Chaos - Apocalypse Moon
Vanity Red - Kingdom Come

Blues Recording of the Year
Bobby Cameron – Sueanna
Darryl Matthews - Ease my Troubled Mind
Jodie Leslie – The Melody Is Playin’ Me
Lucas Chaisson - Freight Train
Rooster Davis Group - Rooster Blues

R&B/Soul Recording of the Year
Asim - Love Sick Summer
Dunna – Without You
Leina – Sound Off
RAANI – All My Ladies
TAT - Set Myself On Fire ft. Madi Allen

DJ/Electronic Recording of the Year
Concealer - Your Master's Wishes
FAIITH - A Love That Lasts
TAT - Kill My Darlings
TERRIAN - Oblivion
Wilfred Kozub - The Weather (Don't Like It)

Jazz Recording of the Year
A/B Trio - What Happens Next
Marc Beaudin - La Cueva
Prequal - King's Landing

Singer/Songwriter of the Year
Billie Zizi – I Love You
Justine Vandergrift – Sailor
Ken Stead – Oh Carolina
Lucas Chaisson - My Lover and My Ghost
Post Script - Dear Marie

Rising Star (18 and Under)
Alyssa Strand – Spinning
Olivia Rose – Makeup to Mud
Rebecca Lappa – Piece Of Me
The Shawn Oates Band – Hey Girl

Roots/Folk Recording of the Year
Billie Zizi – I Love You
Captain Tractor – Johnny’s Ghost
Justine Vandergrift – Sailor
Ken Stead – Oh Carolina
Lucas Chaisson – Love’s So Loud

Adult Alternative Recording of the Year
Billi Zizi – I Love You
Kimberley MacGregor – Nicer, Gentler
Lyra Brown – Cheek & Bruise
Mohsin Zaman – Fly Home
Post Script – Dear Marie

Indie Rock Recording of the Year
Counterfeit Jeans - Nothing
Faith Healer – Canonized
The Provincial Archive – Bad Connection
The Velveteins – Shimmy Shake
White Lightning – One Last Time

Rock Recording of the Year
Electricity For Everybody! – Age Of Scars
Raygun Cowboys – Heads Are Gonna Roll
Rend – Skin and Bones
Savage Playground - Infatuation
Whale and the Wolf – Man Is A Wolf

Music Video of the Year
Andrea Nixon – You Didn’t Make Me
Concealer - Place to Hide
Jr. Gone Wild – Barricades
Striker – Second Attack
The Royal Foundry - Running Away

Artist to Watch
Black & Bleu
Colleen Rae
Counterfeit Jeans
Derina Harvey Band
Savage Playground

People’s Choice (Winner To Be Determind By Online Fan Vote)
1000 Words for Water
A/B trio
Alyssa Strand
Amber Haydey
Arlo Maverick
Ashley Weir
Beth Portman & the Good Find
Bill Bobinski
Billie Zizi
Boogie Patrol
Boosh & the Dip
Boots & The Hoofs
Bryan Finlay
Captain Tractor
Chips + HLDN
Colleen Rae
Darrell Barr
Darryl Matthews
Derina Harvey Band
Dirt Road Angels
Dolly Rotten
Emo LeBlanc
Evrlove Blake
Girl Meets Bear
J-Hamz & Jaculator featuring Michelle Molineux
Jay Rodgers
Ken Stead
Kym Simon
Lonesome Dove
Lucas Chaisson
Lyra Brown
Marco Corbo
Mayday and the Beatcreeps
Minister Ike
Mitchell Lawler
Mohsin Zaman
Monarch Sky
North of Here
Olivia Rose
Post Script
Rachel Woznow
Railtown Park
Raygun Cowboys
Real Sickes
Reuben Anderson
Revenge of the Trees
Rooster Davis Group
Savage Playground
Shauna Specht
Six String Loaded
Soft Violence
Stop Light Signal
The Dungarees
The Gear Seabastian
The James Beaudry Band
The Misery Mountain Boys
The Mothercraft
The Royal Foundry
The Shawn Oates Band
The Velveteins
ThinLine Sid
Tyler Vollrath
Tylor Dory Trio
Van Halst
Vanity Red
Waves Upon Us
Whale and the Wolf
White Lightning
Will Belcourt and there Hollywood Indians
Ya Boy Gillie
Young Medicine